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Upcoming Events
Titre de l événementdate de débutdate de finDescriptionEvent Code
Calgary Young Practitioners Group Meeting2016-09-272016-09-27International Tax Updates Country by Country is here - are you ready? Jason Evans, KPMG LLP Brett McIntosh, KPMG LLP Proposed IRC 385 Treasury Regulations: Application, Consequences and Action Items Lanre Okunnuga, KPMG LLP2016YP-C4
Saskatoon Young Practitioners Group Meeting2016-09-282016-09-28Changes to the Small Business Deductions A review of the proposed changes in the 2016 Federal Budget restricting multiple access to the small business deduction Jaymon Hill, CPA, CA, (MNP LLP)2016YP-S3
St. John's Tax Seminar2016-09-302016-09-30Friday, September 30, 2016 | The St. John`s Tax Seminar is a comprehensive tax update for advisors to owner-managed businesses. 16STJOHN
Edmonton Young Practitioners Meeting2016-10-042016-10-04Small Business Deduction and Eligible Capital Property Amendments • What Young Practitioners Need to Know Our speakers will review recent amendments and proposed amendments to the Income Tax Act that will have the effect of restricting the availability of the small business deduction and which will replace the existing eligible capital property regime with a new class of depreciable capital property. Margaret Paproski, CPA, Felesky Flynn LLP Sean Zubryckyj, Felesky Flynn LLP2016YP-E3
Vancouver Young Practitioners Group Meeting2016-10-052016-10-05Share Attributes and Part VI.1 Tax Various terms, conditions and agreements in respect of shares can have tax and other legal consequences that may be significant and unexpected. This session will review share attributes and their significance to shareholders and the corporations that issue them. In addition, common shares may be caught by the definition of taxable preferred shares, and the $500,000 dividend allowance is no longer enough to enable the taxpayer to ignore part VI.1. This session will provide a technical refresher on part VI.1 and highlight the broad application of part VI.1, common situations where part VI.1 is overlooked, and ways to avoid Part VI.1. Speakers: David Christian , Thorsteinssons LLP Michelle Chang, Thorsteinssons LLP2016YP-V3
Kelowna - Kamloops Young Practitioners Group Meeting2016-10-142016-10-14Tax changes highlighted at the CTF Conference - Net Worth Income Tax Audits Glen Jackson, Canada Revenue Agency2016YP-K2
Ottawa Young Practitioners Group Meeting2016-10-182016-10-18Client privilege and confidentiality: how can CRA access your client’s files, and what can you do to protect them In this session, our senior panelists will cover what kinds of client information the CRA can access at all stages of a tax file, from audit to appeals to court, and how practitioners can protect that information from being disclosed. The session will cover topics such as how to handle CRA requests for information, how to properly use client privilege to protect information from being disclosed to CRA, and how to work with CRA and the Department of Justice so that the proper information gets shared with the government. Chairs: Joel Kom and Nick Korhonen Speakers Roger Taylor, EY Law LLP Brandon Hodge, MNP LLP Daniel Bourgeois, Department of Justice Tax Law Services2016YP-O3
Revenu de Société Déterminé2016-10-192016-10-19Revenu de société déterminé - le 19 octobre 2016 2016PDF-L2
2016 Ontario Tax Conference2016-10-242016-10-25October 24 & 25, 2016 | The Ontario Tax Conference is the definitive tax-planning conference for advisers to owner-managed businesses16OTC
2016 Ontario Tax Conference - LIVE WEBCAST2016-10-242016-10-25The Definitive Tax-Planning Conference for Advisers to Owner-Managed Businesses. 16OTC-WEB
2016 Atlantic Provinces Tax Conference2016-11-042016-11-05The Atlantic Provinces Tax Conference is a regional two-day conference dedicated to keeping tax practitioners informed on region-specific topics and issues.16APTC
Vancouver Young Practitioners Networking Event2016-11-102016-11-10Please join us for a night of networking, video games, and trivia. The Canadian Tax Foundation will be hosting an event at EXP Restaurant and Bar on Thursday, November 10th, where you will have a chance to meet Vancouver's up-and-coming tax practitioners as well as some of the leaders in the tax community. Register early to avoid disappointment. Space for this event is limited.2016REC-V3
Conséquences Des Nouvelles Règles2016-11-172016-11-17Conséquences insoupçonnées des nouvelles règles - Le 17 novembre 2016 2016PDF-L3
Board of Governors Mentorship Dinner Gala2016-11-262016-11-26Young Practitioners will have the opportunity to interact with mentors - tax accountants, lawyers, tax executives, senior officials with Justice and the CRA, judges from the Tax Court and the Federal Court of Appeal, and leading academics. Registration to the 68th Annual Tax Conference is not required in order to attend this event. Please pass this email along to any interested colleagues. Cocktail Reception begins at 6 pm Dinner begins at 7 pm 2016AC_DIN
68th Annual Tax Conference2016-11-272016-11-29The Annual Tax Conference provides a forum for senior tax practitioners and senior government officials to share their experience and discuss their reactions to current tax issues and challenges. Three days of technical programs offer a combination of workshops, plenary and breakout sessions designed to bring the tax practitioner up to date on the latest developments. 16AC
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