The General Anti-Avoidance Rule - Past and Future

DINNER - MARCH 6, 2019   |   SESSIONS - MARCH 7, 2019

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The dinner and symposium will take place in the Imperial ballroom, located in the lobby level of the Fairmont Royal York hotel (100 Front St. W.)

March 6: Join us for cocktails at 6pm with dinner beginning at 7pm.
March 7: The registration desk will open at 7:30am on Thursday and will remain open for the duration of the event. Please check-in at the registration desk upon arrival.
Wednesday, March 6, 2019
6:00 PM -
7:00 PM
7:00 PM -
10:00 PM
Personal Reflections on the Enactment of the GAAR

Thursday, March 7, 2019
7:30 AM -
8:30 AM
Registration and light breakfast
8:30 AM -
8:45 AM 
Opening Remarks
8:45 AM - 
9:30 AM
A Look Back at the Legislative History of the GAAR 

  • the historical context that led to the adoption of the GAAR
  • subsequent amendments to the GAAR (2004)

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Brian Arnold, Canadian Tax Foundation, London (Active Moderator)
Deen Olsen, Department of Justice, Ottawa
James R. Wilson, Canada Life, Toronto     

9:30 AM - 
9:40 AM
 Question Period
9:40 AM -
10:40 AM

The Case Law Dealing with the GAAR

  • broad themes of the case law on the GAAR with references to the most important cases, but should not just consist of a case-by-case analysis

    • tax benefit

    • avoidance transaction

    • misuse or abuse
  • another possible theme for this session is the relationship between the GAAR and statutory interpretation and the GAAR and specific anti-avoidance rules

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Heather L. Evans, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Tax Foundation, Toronto (Active Moderator)
Former SCC Justice M. Rothstein, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Vancouver
Matthew Williams, Thorsteinssons LLP,Toronto
Perry Derksen, General Counsel, Department of Justice Canada, BC Regional Office

10:40 AM -
10:50 AM
Question period
10:50 AM -
11:10 AM

11:10 AM - 
12:10 PM
How the Government Has Dealt with the GAAR
  • CRA
    • the GAAR Committee
    • application of the GAAR by Audit, Rulings, and Aggressive Tax Planning
  • Justice
    • the role of Justice with respect to the GAAR
    • how GAAR cases are litigated
  • Finance
    • the role of Finance with respect to the GAAR
    • amending the GAAR

Wayne Adams, Canadian Tax Foundation, Ottawa (Active Moderator)
Brian Ernewein, Department of Finance, Ottawa
Natalie Goulard, Department of Justice, Montreal
Suzanne Saydeh, Canada Revenue Agency, Ottawa

12:10 PM -
12:15 PM
Question period
12:15 PM -
1:15 PM
1:15 PM - 
2:15 PM
How Taxpayers and Tax Professionals Have Dealt with the GAAR

  • tax planning to avoid the application of the GAAR

  • GAAR opinions

  • has the GAAR had any effect as a deterrent?

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Carrie Smit, Goodmans LLP, Toronto (Active Moderator)
Doug Powrie, Tech Resources Ltd., Vancouver
Angelo Nikolakakis, EY Law LLP, Montreal
Mark Meredith, KPMG Law LLP, Vancouver

2:15 PM - 
2:20 PM
Question period 
2:20 PM - 
3:20 PM
Thoughts on the GAAR after 30 Years 

  • overall evaluation of the GAAR
    • was the GAAR necessary?
    • has the GAAR been successful in countering abusive tax avoidance?

  • what major deficiencies exist
    • with the wording of the GAAR?
    • with the case law involving the GAAR?
    • with the application of the GAAR?

Shawn Porter, Deloitte LLP, Toronto (Active Moderator)
Brian Arnold, Canadian Tax Foundation, London
Al Meghji, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Toronto
Gabrielle Richards, McCarthy Tétrault LLP, Toronto

3:20 PM-
3:25 PM
Question period
3:25 PM -
3:45 PM

3:45 PM -
4:30 PM
Predictions for the GAAR: The Next 30 Years

What statutory amendments to the GAAR should be made to correct the deficiencies identified in the previous session?

  • predicting the future of the GAAR (based on the past 30 years)

Mark Brender, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Montreal (Active Moderator)
Julie D'Avignon, Stikeman Elliott LLP, Calgary
Alex MacLean, Canada Revenue Agency, Ottawa
Justine Malone, Department of Justice, Ottawa

4:30 PM - 
4:35 PM 
Question period 
4:35 PM Adjournment


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